Brasted Chart & Toys Hill CC vs Stone CC, 31 July 2021

Rossington’s absence left the leadership reins in Vice’s hands this week, with an ominous sky hanging overhead as we made our way up to Brasted. An actual tea was on offer this week from the hosts, who won the toss and stuck us into bat.

Dino and I opened here to good effect last year and we teamed up again at the top of the order, using the tried and tested tactic of me clubbing anything short and/or juicy to or over the hedge while Double-O played the supporting role at the other end. We didn’t quite match our 2020 partnership as he departed bowled with the score on 38. Chungy entered the fray and decided I needed to do some exercise as we managed to run a whole three in one go. He went in the next over which I hoped would give me a rest until I realised Vice was trotting in. Brasted threw their slow left armer into the attack, which did for Vice as he was outfoxed by one that kept a smidge low. I moved to a second 50 of the season shortly after, before the slow lad grabbed my wicket thanks to an excellent catch in the deep. Muttley whacked a couple of fours on his way to 14, the only other batsman to get into double figures on the day, while Dicky and Walkie both departed first ball in their quests to win the Duck Cup. Candyman held up the relentless fall of wickets for a while on his way to 8 before departing caught and bowled, with Ryan and Tom Rogers also going cheaply. Paul was last man standing as the innings came to a close on 110. Their slow left armer had barely taken a wicket in the last decade – today he went home with 5-13. Just our luck.

As it turned out, the whole shebang was a total waste of time. We suggested a quick turnaround as the skies were looking a bit naughty, but after a single ball from Walkie which failed to bounce and went through for a bye [keeper’s name redacted], the heavens finally did what they had been threatening to do all day and deposited enough moisture on us and the pitch to end the game. Not before the aforementioned tea was summarily mullered, though.

As it was half a game, the runs counted towards the season totals (hurrah), but no awards this week.

– Billy