Foxbury Exiles vs Stone CC

After a carefully negotiated coin toss it was decided between the two captains that we would bowl first. With everyone ready and out of the changing rooms and everyone in positions the game began. 1st innings After a short dispute between Skip and Vice over who should field in slip, Jordan Walkling got the game underway[…]

Stone CC vs Ide Hill CC

Episode 1 – A New Hope (Part 1) It was a lovely summers afternoon in Northfleet, complete with a beautiful arrangement of smashed glass outside the clubhouse. I can’t remember if the toss was won or lost as I was solely focused on one’s bowling performance to come. Next thing I know Skipper, Lord Rossington,[…]

Stone CC vs Reigate Vikings

Having lost the toss and been sent to field, we walked out full of confidence and relishing the prospect of an early tea. The dream took one step closer to becoming reality when Nick, opening the bowling with myself, took the first wicket of the day. The delight however was short lived and it would[…]

Stone CC Tour 2018

Apologies to all for the late delivery of the Cambridge Report but Harry and Megan insisted that we attend some after wedding nonsense that went on for a while. So, as we bask in the delights of a French white wine on the Cote de Provence I will tell you all of some of the[…]