Detling CC vs. Stone CC, 05.09.15

If I was a man true to my word, which I am, the match report would read like this O dear, O dear, O dear, like the Aussie test match a few weeks ago, we could get this whole match in a tweet of 140 characters – not just our innings, the whole match.

I lost the Toss,  and we were asked to field, It was very wet indeed, we delayed the start to try and dry out the wicket but it was still drizzling. Bateley found an old ball in his bag from about 20 years ago which we used. There was very little bounce in the pitch at all. We were not sure if it was the ball or the pitch – probably both. We kept it quite tight and fielded very well only dropping one catch, by Jordan – dolly of the day. The guy went on to get 63 in about 20 balls, by the way – just to make you feel better. Up to the 28th over, they were only 111 for 4, but this is when your whole world falls apart as a captain – I know how the captain of the Titanic must have felt. I will come back to the last seven overs in a while,  but in between there was some great bowling from the lads: Tom, seven overs, 0-25; Jordan, seven overs, 1-23; Matty G, seven overs. 1-19; and me taking a juggling catch to bring up Geoff’s 20th wicket of the season from close range. He went on to finish with 3-24 from his seven overs

Back to the last seven overs – with 53 coming from them, their batsman got after Jack and Dino. Jack finished with 1-22 from four overs and Dino 0-37 from three overs, including 22 from one over with 3 sixes in it, a few lost balls, damage to a tree and the side of a house, lots of Blainey dust (well, mud) kicking from the young man. If we had used the muddy pitch a bit more we may have had a bit more reward (maybe), with Detling finished with 164/6 from 35 overs.

After a nice tea, we went out for the long run chase. I must say, with the new ball we were now using, there was almost no bounce at all and there was still drizzle in the air, so we did not have the better of the conditions. Detling, with home advantage, used the conditions better than us with some very good tight bowling with a good line and length and straight bowling, but I was starting to feel like the captain of the Titanic again. I could hear the band playing as the ship began to sink. After 20 overs, we were 44/4 : Chungy 0; Jez 8; Jack 3; and Dino 2. I was next to go (again bowled round my legs. but what made it worse for me this time it was Walkie Talkie playing for them that got me – he knows my weakness) for 2, Goodfellow for 5, and Kelvin to another outside the line dubious Stone LBW decision for 3. The ship was almost sunk. Tom hit two boundaries before being caught for 8. Both Jordan and Geoff were out for ducks, quite apt considering the weather, and we were all out for 73 with 15 extras being the second top score, leaving Bateley stranded like a duck out of water for 32 (definitely playing for his average). Walkie Talkie playing for them finished on 3.2 overs, 2-11

Off we headed to the pub. All stayed (apart from Jez) and a jolly good time was had by all, a good but sombre fining session over a few pints in the nice pub, before we headed disconsolate into the night. Roll on next week.

– Blainy